Painting With My Camera

Every photo has a story to tell. Whats yours?

Malvern Hills.

It started raining heavily while i was walking back to Barnt Green Rail Station from the Lickey Hills just weeks ago, and that was when i met a lady who told me about the Malvern Hills - a place covered with breathtaking hills overlooking the Great Malvern. 

Sunset at Beacon Hill. 

Second Sun. 

I came back with only 3 decent pictures despite the exhausting journey, but it was all worth it :)


I’ve decided to embark on a photography project to capture the beautiful countryside/AONBs in the United Kingdom, and Colwall was my first destination.

 Due to the limited dynamic range of digital camera sensors, HDR processing is usually required to bring out all the details in the landscape. This photograph was composed using two exposures blended together. 

Although rich colours make up the original photograph, i chose to convert it to Black & White instead as it helps to bring out the details in the background. Landscape photographers would take landscape photos in their 4x5 Large Format Cameras occasionally in Black & White film, something which i’ll love to try out some day :) 

Lickey Hills (Infrared)

A picturesque location at Barnt Green, the Lickey Hills boast a breathtaking view of Birmingham and beyond. That is if you’re willing to walk the long distance from Barnt Green Rail Station to the top of the hill, assuming you do not have a car/bicycle. 

Halfway there! 

Strong winds and light rain awaited me as i approached the summit… Not too encouraging after a long walk/hike, but at least i came away with this decent picture! 297m above sea level. 

Imaging Infrared II

Some professional photographers use infrared light to cover wedding events too, as humans appear rather …. angel-like (lighter skin tones) under infrared light. Of course a different effect can be achieved too, depending on how you process your photos. I tried it out with my flatmates and well i must say they’re quite unique! 

Assassin’s Creed anyone? 

If you look closely you’ll notice that the pictures aren’t exactly that sharp. That’s because the exposure timings for these photos were approximately 30s or more. Artificial light carries lesser infrared light and hence requires a longer exposure. 

An infrared flash will however eliminate the problem of long exposures… Till then! 

Imaging Infrared I

I was pretty excited to try out infrared photography since my camera has a weak AA filter which allows infrared light to pass through. After acquiring an infrared filter which only allows infrared light to pass through, i decided to try it out for the first time. When an infrared image is captured, post processing involving the switching of colour channels is usually utilised. 

Bright sunny days are the best for Infrared Photography! Here’s a view of the school captured under infrared light. 

By adjusting the White Balance and colour channels accordingly, different effects can be produced. Here’s one with a much warmer colour tone. 

Here’s another with a much cooler tone. 

Cancun, Mexico

After an exciting time in New York, Cancun is up next. One of the most touristy areas of Mexico, Cancun boasts one of the cleanest beaches i’ve ever seen thus far. 


Grande. Medio. Pequeño

A sandfight begins! 

It was a good fight. Really :)

Kids sometimes know how to pose better than their parents :D

Sandman in the making. 

Even superheroes deserve a break by the beach once in a while. 

The man who melted under the sun.

A simultaneous game of Volleyball and Tick-Tac-Toe.

Another sandfight. The quicker hand wins! 

Funky Mexican bartenders who mix drinks like machines.

This restaurant arguably serves the freshest seafood in town. After all it’s located next to the fish market. The guy on the left showed us how to open a beer bottle with a lighter! 

Pigeons set against a deep blue sky. 

Credits to Stanley Lim and breaking a little rule, here’s a free advertisement for Adidas too :)

New York City .

Finally updating my website after 4 months! New York CIty: a rich and culturally diverse place which simply can’t be captured in a short span of 3 days. Nonetheless, do enjoy the pictures that were taken :)

External staircases sticking out of buildings are characteristic in NYC. Apparently these are fire escape staircases which provide a quick escape, although they make the jobs of burglars easier at the same time.

The guy reminds me of Humpty Dumpty.

The feeding of pigeons is quite common in NYC. What surprised me though is how some squirrels weren’t afraid of humans and ate directly from their hands, such as this one. Not to forget the three classy ladies at the side! 

The trademark Statue of Liberty.

We were tired by mid day after the boat tour, and the Starbucks located nearby was truly a saviour. Here’s my mom in the foreground and a baby sound asleep in the background. 
Testing out my Canon 50mm f1.2 lens pre focused at the postcard stand yielded pretty pleasing results! The nightlife of New York CIty is certainly one to behold. 
Shot #2. 
Broad Street is flooded with humongous sized cinema screens which show different advertisements. There was one particular screen which displayed a video of the passers-by, and i couldn’t be more amused by their different reactions.
Love and Bokeh. 
Looking at this image just makes me wonder how i captured this shot then under poor lighting conditions with my Epson R-D1 hmm. You don’t see a man carrying a giant banana around any other day!
A reflection of my mom against the background lights outside the window where we were having dinner. 
Stop signs here are different from back home. Given the number of streets one has to cross just to get from place to place, jaywalking becomes commonplace. Here’s an experienced NYC dweller showing you how to do it like a boss :D
An old woman struggling to keep up along Chinatown. This picture seems to signify the struggles which the older generation face today. 
The famous bull of Wall Street which signifies aggression, prosperity and optimism.

Peaceful protesters outside Trinity Church, one of the most prosperous churches in NYC. They were unfortunately denied entry into the church despite the vacant space available, sparking off criticisms against the church. This group was singing songs and a crowd soon gathered and joined in.

Every city has its fair share of people who have fallen through the cracks and are often forgotten. This homeless couple seeks refuge in an abandoned house. I gave some small change and asked for a picture in which the guy agreed. However a passerby hissed at me for taking such a picture. Such is the risk when such photographs are taken.

On my way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, i came across this guy and his dressing caught my attention. When i sat down next to him, he complimented my shoes before i even said hi. Took a picture, shook a hand and made a new friend :)

Solemn silence during Christmas. 
Is art that difficult to understand?
An artist replicating the painting Remembrant. The woman in the background painting doesnt seem impressed, however.

Caught in the Middle. 
For those who are given the opportunity of going to New York, do not hesitate to pick it up! I’ve definitely enjoyed myself here even though i hoped to stay longer… There’s just so much to capture and if you’re a street photographer, you’ll not be disappointed :)
A perfect example of situational irony. 

A perfect example of situational irony. 

Bruce Wayne’s kids are always aware of what’s going on around them.  

Bruce Wayne’s kids are always aware of what’s going on around them.